13.4 Commands at a glance

The following is a list of error-model related commands commonly used in simulation scripts:

set em [new ErrorModel]
$em unit pkt
$em set rate_ 0.02
$em ranvar [new RandomVariable/Uniform]
$em drop-target [new Agent/Null]

This is a simple example of how to create and configure an error model. The commands to place the error-model in a simple link will be shown next.

$simplelink errormodule args
This commands inserts the error-model before the queue object in simple link. However in this case the error-model's drop-target points to the link's drophead_ element.

$ns_ lossmodel em src dst
This command places the error-model before the queue in a simplelink defined by the <src> and <dst> nodes. This is basically a wrapper for the above method.

$simplelink insert-linkloss args
This inserts a loss-module after the queue, but right before the delay link_ element in the simple link. This is because nam can visualize a packet drop only if the packet is on the link or in the queue. The error-module's drop-target points to the link's drophead_ element.

$ns_ link-lossmodel em src dst
This too is a wrapper method for insert-linkloss method described above. That is this inserts the error-module right after the queue element in a simple link (src-dst).

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05