3.4 Class TclObject

TclObject../Tcl/Tcl.h is the base class for most of the other classes in the interpreted and compiled hierarchies. Every object in the class TclObject is created by the user from within the interpreter. An equivalent shadow object is created in the compiled hierarchy. The two objects are closely associated with each other. The class TclClass, described in the next section, contains the mechanisms that perform this shadowing.

In the rest of this document, we often refer to an object as a TclObject3.1. By this, we refer to a particular object that is either in the class TclObject, or in a class that is derived from the class TclObject. If it is necessary, we will explicitly qualify whether that object is an object within the interpreter, or an object within the compiled code. In such cases, we will use the abbreviations ``interpreted object'', and ``compiled object'' to distinguish the two. and within the compiled code respectively.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05