16.1 The basic wireless model in ns

The wireless model essentially consists of the MobileNode at the core,with additional supporting features that allows simulations of multi-hop ad-hoc networks, wireless LANs etc. The MobileNode object is a split object. The C++ MobileNode../ns-2/mobilenode.h is derived from parent Node../ns-2/node.h. Refer to Chapter 5 for details on Node. A MobileNode thus is the basic Node object with added functionalities of a wireless and mobile node like ability to move within a given topology, ability to receive and transmit signals to and from a wireless channel etc. A major difference between them, though, is that a MobileNode is not connected by means of Links to other nodes or mobilenodes. In this section we shall describe the internals of MobileNode, its routing mechanisms, the routing protocols dsdv, aodv, tora, puma and dsr, creation of network stack allowing channel access in MobileNode, brief description of each stack component, trace support and movement/traffic scenario generation for wireless simulations.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05