21.4 Test-suites for XCP

The xcp test-suite uses 3 tests. The first one is similar to the one we discussed in the earlier section. It consists of a dumb-bell topology where 3 xcp flows share a bottleneck link. The second test has a similar topology having 3 xcp and 1 tcp flow sharing the same bottleneck. And finally the last test is built on Dina Katabi's parking-lot experiment referred in her SIGCOMM'02 paper. It is a downsized version of Dina's example. The test uses a 9-hop link string topology. It has 10 long XCP flows that flow through the entire length of the chain topology. Then it has 10 XCP flows that run through each hop, starting at (n-1)th hop and ending at nth hop and so on creating the intermittent flows. And finally there are long XCP flows in the reverse direction, starting from the last (10th) node and ending in the first (1st) node. There is a bottleneck at the middle of the chain topology. Thus the third test employs a large and complex topology and shows the utilization, queue length and packet drop values at every link.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05