22.3 Commands at a Glance

The following commands on the DelayBox class can be accessed from OTcl:

[$ns DelayBox]
Creates a new DelayBox node.

$delaybox add-rule <srcNodeID> <dstNodeID> <delayRV> [<lossRV>] [<linkSpeedRV>]
Add a rule to the rule table, specifying delay, loss rate, and bottleneck link speed RandomVariables for packets flowing from srcNode to dstNode. Delay is required, but loss rate and link speed are optional.

$delaybox list-rules
List all rules in the rule table

$delaybox list-flows
List all flows in the flow table

$delaybox set-asymmetric
Specifies that the delay should be only on the data path rather than applied to both the data and ACK paths

$delaybox set-delay-file <filename>
Output delays for each flow to filename. Format: srcNode dstNode fid delay

$delaybox close-delay-file
Closes the file where delays are written

$delaybox set-debug <int>
Set the debugging level

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05