24.4.3 Some statistics collected by dmalloc

A memory consumption problem occured in recent simulations (cmcast-[150,200,250].tcl), so we decided to take a closer look at scaling issue. See page http://www-mash.cs.berkeley.edu/ns/ns-scaling.html which demostrates the efforts in finding the bottlneck.

The following table summarises the results of investigating the bottleneck:

KBytes cmcast-50.tcl(217 Links) cmcast-100.tcl(950 Links)
trace-all 8,084 28,541
turn off trace-all 5,095 15,465
use array 5,091 15,459
remove unnecessay variables 5,087 15,451
on SunOS 5,105 15,484

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05