is used in simulations that use dynamic routing. Each node has a rtObject associated with it, that acts as a co-ordinator for the different routing protocols that operate at a node. At any node, the rtObject at that node tracks each of the protocols operating at that node; it computes and installs the nest route to each destination available via each of the protocols. In the event that the routing tables change, or the topology changes, the rtObject will alert the protocols to take the appropriate action.

The class defines the procedure []init-all../ns-2/route-proto.tclrtObject::init-all; this procedure takes a list of nodes as arguments, and creates a rtObject at each of the nodes in its argument list. It subsequently invokes its compute-routes.

The assumption is that the constructor for each of the new objects will instantiate the ``Direct'' route protocol at each of these nodes. This route protocol is responsible for computing the routes to immediately adjacent neighbors. When []compute-routes is run by the []init-all procedure, these direct routes are installed in the node by the appropriate route object.

The other instance procedures in this class are:

The next set of routines are used to query the rtObject for various state information.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05