The rtPeer../ns-2/route-proto.tcl

is a container class used by the protocol agents. Each object stores the address of the peer agent, and the metric and preference for each route advertised by that peer. A protocol agent will store one object per peer. The class maintains the instance variable addr_, and the instance variable arrays, metric_ and rtpref_; the array indices are the destination node handles.

The class instance procedures, []metric../ns-2/route-proto.tclrtPeer::metric and []preference../ns-2/route-proto.tclrtPeer::preference, take one destination and value, and set the respective array variable. The procedures, []metric?../ns-2/route-proto.tclrtPeer::metric? and []preference?../ns-2/route-proto.tclrtPeer::preference?, take a destination and return the current value for that destination. The instance procedure []addr?../ns-2/route-proto.tclrtPeer::addr? returns the address of the peer agent.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05