Class Replicator

When a replicator receives a packet, it copies the packet to all of its slots. Each slot points to an outgoing interface for a particular source, group.

If no slot is found, the C++ replicator invokes the class instance procedure []drop to trigger protocol specific actions. We will describe the protocol specific actions in the next section, when we describe the internal procedures of each of the multicast routing protocols.

There are instance procedures to control the elements in each slot: rX [oif]insert & inserting a new outgoing interface to the next available slot.
[oif]disable & disable the slot pointing to the specified oif.
[oif]enable & enable the slot pointing to the specified oif.
[]is-active & returns true if the replicator has at least one active slot.
[oif]exists & returns true if the slot pointing to the specified oif is active.
[source, group, oldiif, newiif]change-iface & modified the iif entry for the particular replicator.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05