32.3 Interaction with Unicast Routing

In an earlier section, we had described how unicast routing reactsSectionsec:rtglibAPI to changes to the topology. This section details the steps by which the network dynamics code will notify the nodes and routing about the changes to the topology.

  1. []rtQueue::runq will invoke the procedures specified by each of the route model instances. After all of the actions are completed, []runq will notify each of the models.
  2. []notify../ns-2/dynamics.tclrtModel::notify will then invoke instance procedures at all of the nodes that were incident to the affected links. Each route model stores the list of nodes in its instance variable array, nodes_.

    It will then notify the RouteLogic instance of topology changes.

  3. The rtModel object invokes the class Node instance procedure []intf-changed../ns-2/dynamics.tclNode::intf-changed for each of the affected nodes.
  4. []Node::intf-changed will notify any rtObject at the node of the possible changes to the topology.

    Recall that these route objects are created when the simulation uses detailed dynamic unicast routing.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05