35. TCP Agents

This section describes the operation of the TCP agents in ns. There are two major types of TCP agents: one-way agents and a two-way agent. One-way agents are further subdivided into a set of TCP senders (which obey different congestion and error control techniques) and receivers (``sinks''). The two-way agent is symmetric in the sense that it represents both a sender and receiver. It is still under development.

The files described in this section are too numerous to enumerate here. Basically it covers most files matching the regular expression ~ns/tcp*.{cc, h}.

The one-way TCP sending agents currently supported are:

The one-way TCP receiving agents currently supported are: The two-way experimental sender currently supports only a Reno form of TCP:

The section comprises three parts: the first part is a simple overview and example of configuring the base TCP send/sink agents (the sink requires no configuration). The second part describes the internals of the base send agent, and last part is a description of the extensions for the other types of agents that have been included in the simulator.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05