36. SCTP Agents

This chapter describes the SCTP agents developed for ns by the Protocol Engineering Lab at the University of Delaware. The SCTP agents are all two-way agents, which means they are symmetric in the sense that they represent both a sender and receiver. However, bi-directional data has not yet been implemented. Each instance of an SCTP agent is either a sender or receiver.

The SCTP agents are implemented in files matching the regular expression ~ns/sctp/sctp*.{cc, h}.

The SCTP agents currently supported are:

Section 36.1 provides a simple overview of the base SCTP agent with details of configuration parameters and commands. Section 36.2 describes the SCTP extensions available. The details of the SCTP trace format used in packet trace files are explained in Section 36.3. Section 36.4 explains how to use legacy applications with SCTP and how to write SCTP-aware applications which exploit all SCTP's features. Section 36.5 provides examples scripts for both singled homed and multihomed endpoints.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05