Miscellaneous Information

Finally, the user can use the following methods to gather additional information about the agent:
[]groupSize?../ns-2/srm.tcl.htmlAgent/SRM::groupSize? returns the agent's current estimate of the multicast group size.
[]distances?../ns-2/srm.cc.htmlSRMAgent::command returns a list of key-value pairs of distances; the key is the address of the agent, the value is the estimate of the distance to that agent. The first element is the address of this agent, and the distance of 0.
[]distance?../ns-2/srm.cc.htmlSRMAgent::command returns the distance to the particular agent specified as argument.

The default distance at the start of any simulation is 1.

        $srm(i) groupSize?    # returns $srm(i)'s estimate of the group size;
        $srm(i) distances?    # returns list of \tup{address, distance} tuples;
        $srm(i) distance? 257 # returns the distance to agent at address 257;

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05