Sending a Message

If a loss object sends a request../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tclSRM/request/Adaptive::send-request in its first round_, then the agent, in the instance procedure []sending-request../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tclAgent/SRM/Adaptive::sending-request, will lower \ensuremath{C_{1}}, and set its instance variable closest_(requestor) to 1.

Similarly, a loss object that sends a repair../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tclSRM/repair/Adaptive::send-repair in its first round_ will invoke the agent's instance procedure, []sending-repair../ns-2/srm-adaptive.tclAgent/SRM/Adaptive::sending-repair, to lower \ensuremath{D_{1}} and set closest_(repairor) to 1.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05