38.4 Commands at a Glance

Note: This section is a copy paste of the end of section 38.1. We add this section to preserve homogeneity with the ns manual.

All the simulations for PLM should be set using the PLMTopology environment (as in the example script where we define a PLMTopology superclass called Scenario0). The user interface is (all the instproc can be found in ~ns/tcl/plm/plm-topo.tcl):

build_link a b d bw
creates a duplex link between node a and b with a delay d and a bandwidth bw. If either node does not exist, build_link creates it.
place_source n t
creates and places a PLM source at node n and starts it at time t. place_source returns addr which allows to attach receivers to this source.
place_receiver n addr C nb
creates and places a PLM receiver at node n and attached it to the source which return the address addr. The check value for this PLM receiver is C. An optional parameter nb allows to get an instance of the PLM receiver called PLMrcvr($nb). This instance is only useful to get some specific statistics about this receiver (mainly the number of packets received or lost).

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05