39.2 Commands at a glance

The following commands are used to setup DCDP agents in simulation scripts:

set dccp0 [new Agent/DCCP/TCPlike]
This creates an instance of the DCCP CCID2 agent.

set dccp0 [new Agent/DCCP/TFRC]
This creates an instance of the DCCP CCID3 agent.

$ns_ attach-agent node agent
This is a common command used to attach any <agent> to a given <node>.

$traffic-gen attach-agent agent
This a class Application/Traffic/<traffictype> method which connects the traffic generator to the given <agent>. For example, if we want to setup a CBR traffic flow for the dccp agent, dccp0, we given the following commands
set cbr1 [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
\$cbr1 attach-agent \$dccp0

For a more complex example of setting up an DCCP agent used in a simulation, see the example code in tcl/ex folder.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05