Pareto On/Off

A Pareto On/Off object is embodied in the OTcl class Application/Traffic/Pareto. The member variables that parameterize this object are: rX packetSize
& the constant size of the packets generated
& the average "on" time for the generator
& the average "off" time for the generator
& the sending rate during "on" times
& the "shape" parameter used by the pareto distribution
A new Pareto On/Off traffic generator can be created as follows:
        set p [new Application/Traffic/Pareto]
        $p set packetSize_ 210
        $p set burst_time_ 500ms
        $p set idle_time_ 500ms
        $p set rate_ 200k
        $p set shape_ 1.5

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05