A CBR object is embodied in the OTcl class Application/Traffic/CBR. The member variables that parameterize this object are: rX rate
& the sending rate
& (Optional) interval between packets
& the constant size of the packets generated
& flag indicating whether or not to introduce random ``noise'' in the scheduled departure times (default is off)
& the maximum number of packets to send (default is (\(2^28\))
Hence a new CBR traffic generator can be created and parameterized as follows:
        set e [new Application/Traffic/CBR]
        $e set packetSize_ 48
        $e set rate_ 64Kb
        $e set random_ 1

The setting of a CBR object's rate_ and interval_ are mutually exclusive (the interval between packets is maintained as an interval variable in C++, and some example ns scripts specify an interval rather than a rate). In a simulation, either a rate or an interval (but not both) should be specified for a CBR object.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05