OTcl interfaces

Following is a list of its OTcl methods (in addition to those inherited from Http). This is not a complete list. More details can be found in ns/tcl/webcache/http-agent.tcl.

rX send-request server type pageid args & send a request of page $pageid and type $type to $server. The only request type allowed for a client is GET. $args has a format identical to that of $attributes described in Http::enter-page.

start-session cache server & start sending requests of a random page to $server via $cache.

start cache server & before sending requests, populate $cache with all pages in the client's PagePool. This method is useful when assuming infinite-sized caches and we want to observe behaviors of cache consistency algorithms in steady state.

set-page-generator pagepool & attach a PagePool to generate random page IDs.

set-interval-generator ranvar & attach a random variable to generate random request intervals.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05