42.3 Commands at a glance

Some common parameters can be configured through TCL script:

  ScanRate    # the rate that a compromised host sends probing packets
  ScanPort    # the vulnerable service port number
  ScanPacketSize  # the size of worm probing packets

By default, compromised hosts scan the Internet randomly. We can also simulate local-scanning worm by setting the local-scanning probability:

  $w local-p 0.5

Following are some commands to configure parameters for the abstract network:

  $w beta 0.1   # infection parameter
  $w gamma 0   # removal parameter
  $w addr-range 2000 200000  # the address space of the abstract network
  $w dn-range 0 1999         # the address space of the detailed network
  $w v_percent 0.01          # the percentage of vulnerable hosts in the abstract network

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05