50.1.2 The educational scripts' inventory page:

The educational script inventory page is located at http://www.isi.edu/nsnam/script_inv. It may be used either to search, browse and download one or more simulation scripts (and/or related files like the namtrace, screenshot, webpage describing whatever is being demonstrated through the simulation) from the inventory or to submit simulation scripts to the inventory. We discuss both the options in the following paragraphs:

You could search the database using keywords by going to the ``Search database'' page. You could also browse through the entire database by going to the ``View database'' page. The search function is very basic at the present and we hope to extend it as the database begins to grow in size. Each script entry in the database has the following information:
Name of the script
Name of the author, author's email-id and webpage(if provided)
Description of what the simulation does.
version required to run the script
Any other comments about script
The category of the script
Currently we have categories of Application, Transport (TCP and others), Routing (unicast and multicast), Multicast protocols, Queue management, Wireless and Others (to include any other category).
Other related files
At the right hand down corner of each entry there might be links to a NamTracefile, a screenshot and a webpage for the simulation script, if these files/information have been submitted by the author along with the script.

In order to download any script or any of the related files, simply left-click on the filename and a download dialog box will appear where you can provide the path to download the file to.

Incase you have simulation scripts suitable for classroom demonstrations, you could submit them to the inventory. You have to ATLEAST submit the following in order to successfully upload your script:
Name of author
Author's E-mailid
Name of script (and path to the location of your script) to contribute
Brief description of script
Version of NS script uses
Category for the script

You may OPTIONALLY provide the following along with the above required fields:

Author's WebPage
Namtrace file (namdump for your script simulation)
Screenshot (an image of your nam screen)
Webpage (pointer to webpage you may have for the script)
Other comments, if any

Important: We suggest that you provide the namtracefile alongwith your script since many users might want to use the namtrace only, for visualization, and download script only when they want to make any changes to the simulation.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05