7.4 Commands at a glance

Following is a list of queue commands used in simulation scripts:

$ns_ queue-limit n1 n2 limit
This sets a limit on the maximum buffer size of the queue in the link between nodes <n1> and <n2>.

$ns_ trace-queue n1 n2 optional:file
This sets up trace objects to log events in the queue. If tracefile is not passed, it uses traceAllFile_ to write the events.

$ns_ namtrace-queue n1 n2 optional:file
Similar to trace-queue above, this sets up nam-tracing in the queue.

$ns_ monitor-queue n1 n2 optional:qtrace optional:sampleinterval
This command inserts objects that allows us to monitor the queue size. This returns a handle to the object that may be queried to determine the average queue size. The default value for sampleinterval is 0.1.

Tom Henderson 2011-11-05