Network Simulator (ns) Tutorial 2002

Tutorial: Internet Simulations with the NS simulator.

Organization: the Conser and Saman projects.

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The goal of the CONSER and SAMAN projects is to extend the ns simulator so that network researchers can study the complex interactions between network protocols (e.g., unicast routing, multicast routing, TCP, reliable multicast, integrated services, differentiated services, etc.) in complex topologies and with a rich set of traffic generators.

This tutorial is intended for users, researchers and developers who would like to use ns more actively, or extend its functionality. We will discuss
the primary components of the simulator (the scheduler, connection oriented and connectionless protocols, trace support, routing, topology
generation, multicast support, queue management), and discuss various issues like adding new routing or transport protocols, diffserv
applications, how to use nam and the new nam-editor, a brief introduction to OTcl, how to debug ns using the OTcl and C++ interfaces etc. 

The format of this tutorial will be very similar to the previous ns workshops/tutorials we have held with updates based on functionality added to the ns simulator recently (including new wireless support, diffserv etc). In addition, for attendees to get hands-on experience using ns, exercises in various levels will be given as lectures progress in breadth and depth. Attendees are expected to have a basic understanding of C++.

Please bring your laptop to the tutorial. Laptops with linux/freeBSD are encouraged though windows should also not be a problem.
Please also pre-install ns all-in-one package on your laptop before the tutorial.

Outline (subject to change!):


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