Network Simulator (ns) Tutorial 2002

Lab 1 - OTcl and ns basics

  1. Simple Tcl/OTcl exercises

  2. Ns installation
  3. NOTE: you should have installed ns on your laptop before ns tutorial.
    We recommend you to install a special version of all-in-one package (based on the latest ns-2.1b9 release with various bug fixes).
    You can download it from here.
    In case you need help, please refer to the ns installation page.

  4. Run and play with sample scripts
  5. Please figure out the following through these sample scripts:
    1. how to show nam animation?
    2. how to monitor agent and trace variables in nam?
    3. how to use nam graph to show TCP sequence plot?
    4. how to use xgraph (generate data, and plot graph)?

    If you encounter any run-time error, please notify the instructors.

  6. Simple NS Exercises