ns Tutorial


I. Introduction

II. Finding Documentation
II.1. For ns&nam
II.2 For Tcl
II.3 For C++

III. The Basics
III.1 Downloading/ Installing ns&nam
III.2 Starting ns
III.3 Starting nam

IV. The first Tcl script
IV.1 How to start
IV.2 Two nodes, one link
IV.3 Sending data

V. Making it more interesting
V.1 The topology
V.2 The events
V.3 Marking flows
V.4 Monitoring a queue

VI. Network dynamics
VI.1 Creating a larger topology
VI.2 Link failure

VII. A new protocol for ns
VII.1 The header file
VII.2 The C++ code
VII.3 Necessary changes
VII.4 The Tcl code

VIII. Creating Output Files for Xgraph
VIII.1 Topology and Traffic Sources
VIII.2 Recording Data in Output Files
VIII.3 Running the Simulation

IX. Running Wireless Simulations in ns
IX.1 Creating a simple wireless scenario
IX.2 Using node-movement/traffic-pattern files and other extensions for wireless simulations

X. Creating Wired-cum-Wireless and MobileIP Simulations
X.1 Creating a simple wired-cum-wireless scenario
X.2. Running MobileIP in a simple wired-cum-wireless topology

XI. Generating traffic-connection and node-movement files for large wireless scenarios
XI.1 Creating random traffic-pattern for wireless scenarios
XI.2 Creating node-movements for wireless scenarios

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