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AODV Class Reference

#include <aodv.h>

Inheritance diagram for AODV:

Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 AODV (nsaddr_t id)
void recv (Packet *p, Handler *)
void rt_ll_failed (Packet *p)
void handle_link_failure (nsaddr_t id)

Protected Member Functions

int command (int, const char *const *)
int initialized ()
void rt_resolve (Packet *p)
void rt_update (aodv_rt_entry *rt, u_int32_t seqnum, u_int16_t metric, nsaddr_t nexthop, double expire_time)
void rt_down (aodv_rt_entry *rt)
void local_rt_repair (aodv_rt_entry *rt, Packet *p)
void rt_purge (void)
void enque (aodv_rt_entry *rt, Packet *p)
Packetdeque (aodv_rt_entry *rt)
void nb_insert (nsaddr_t id)
AODV_Neighbornb_lookup (nsaddr_t id)
void nb_delete (nsaddr_t id)
void nb_purge (void)
void id_insert (nsaddr_t id, u_int32_t bid)
bool id_lookup (nsaddr_t id, u_int32_t bid)
void id_purge (void)
void forward (aodv_rt_entry *rt, Packet *p, double delay)
void sendHello (void)
void sendRequest (nsaddr_t dst)
void sendReply (nsaddr_t ipdst, u_int32_t hop_count, nsaddr_t rpdst, u_int32_t rpseq, u_int32_t lifetime, double timestamp)
void sendError (Packet *p, bool jitter=true)
void recvAODV (Packet *p)
void recvHello (Packet *p)
void recvRequest (Packet *p)
void recvReply (Packet *p)
void recvError (Packet *p)
double PerHopTime (aodv_rt_entry *rt)
void log_link_del (nsaddr_t dst)
void log_link_broke (Packet *p)
void log_link_kept (nsaddr_t dst)

Protected Attributes

nsaddr_t index
u_int32_t seqno
int bid
aodv_rtable rthead
aodv_ncache nbhead
aodv_bcache bihead
BroadcastTimer btimer
HelloTimer htimer
NeighborTimer ntimer
RouteCacheTimer rtimer
LocalRepairTimer lrtimer
aodv_rtable rtable
aodv_rqueue rqueue


class aodv_rt_entry
class BroadcastTimer
class HelloTimer
class NeighborTimer
class RouteCacheTimer
class LocalRepairTimer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

AODV::AODV nsaddr_t    id

Member Function Documentation

int AODV::command int   ,
const char *const *   
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

Packet* AODV::deque aodv_rt_entry   rt [protected]

void AODV::enque aodv_rt_entry   rt,
Packet   p

void AODV::forward aodv_rt_entry   rt,
Packet   p,
double    delay

void AODV::handle_link_failure nsaddr_t    id

void AODV::id_insert nsaddr_t    id,
u_int32_t    bid

bool AODV::id_lookup nsaddr_t    id,
u_int32_t    bid

void AODV::id_purge void    [protected]

int AODV::initialized   [inline, protected]

void AODV::local_rt_repair aodv_rt_entry   rt,
Packet   p

void AODV::log_link_broke Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::log_link_del nsaddr_t    dst [protected]

void AODV::log_link_kept nsaddr_t    dst [protected]

void AODV::nb_delete nsaddr_t    id [protected]

void AODV::nb_insert nsaddr_t    id [protected]

AODV_Neighbor * AODV::nb_lookup nsaddr_t    id [protected]

void AODV::nb_purge void    [protected]

double AODV::PerHopTime aodv_rt_entry   rt [protected]

void AODV::recv Packet   p,

Reimplemented from Agent.

void AODV::recvAODV Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::recvError Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::recvHello Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::recvReply Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::recvRequest Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::rt_down aodv_rt_entry   rt [protected]

void AODV::rt_ll_failed Packet   p

void AODV::rt_purge void    [protected]

void AODV::rt_resolve Packet   p [protected]

void AODV::rt_update aodv_rt_entry   rt,
u_int32_t    seqnum,
u_int16_t    metric,
nsaddr_t    nexthop,
double    expire_time

void AODV::sendError Packet   p,
bool    jitter = true

void AODV::sendHello void    [protected]

void AODV::sendReply nsaddr_t    ipdst,
u_int32_t    hop_count,
nsaddr_t    rpdst,
u_int32_t    rpseq,
u_int32_t    lifetime,
double    timestamp

void AODV::sendRequest nsaddr_t    dst [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class aodv_rt_entry [friend]

friend class BroadcastTimer [friend]

friend class HelloTimer [friend]

friend class LocalRepairTimer [friend]

friend class NeighborTimer [friend]

friend class RouteCacheTimer [friend]

Member Data Documentation

int AODV::bid [protected]

aodv_bcache AODV::bihead [protected]

BroadcastTimer AODV::btimer [protected]

PortClassifier* AODV::dmux_ [protected]

HelloTimer AODV::htimer [protected]

PriQueue* AODV::ifqueue [protected]

nsaddr_t AODV::index [protected]

Trace* AODV::logtarget [protected]

LocalRepairTimer AODV::lrtimer [protected]

aodv_ncache AODV::nbhead [protected]

NeighborTimer AODV::ntimer [protected]

aodv_rqueue AODV::rqueue [protected]

aodv_rtable AODV::rtable [protected]

aodv_rtable AODV::rthead [protected]

RouteCacheTimer AODV::rtimer [protected]

u_int32_t AODV::seqno [protected]

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