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AbsTcpAgent Class Reference

#include <tcp-abs.h>

Inheritance diagram for AbsTcpAgent:

Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler AbsTcpRenoAckAgent AbsTcpRenoDelAckAgent AbsTcpTahoeAckAgent AbsTcpTahoeDelAckAgent List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 AbsTcpAgent ()
void timeout ()
void sendmsg (int pktcnt)
void advanceby (int pktcnt)
void start ()
void send_batch ()
void drop (int seqno)
void finish ()
void recv (Packet *pkt, Handler *)
void output (int seqno)
int & flowid ()
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Protected Member Functions

void cancel_timer ()
void set_timer (double time)

Protected Attributes

double rtt_
int offset_
int seqno_lb_
int connection_size_
AbsTcpTimer timer_
int rescheduled_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void AbsTcpAgent::advanceby int    pktcnt

void AbsTcpAgent::cancel_timer   [inline, protected]

int AbsTcpAgent::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Agent.

void AbsTcpAgent::drop int    seqno

void AbsTcpAgent::finish  

int& AbsTcpAgent::flowid   [inline]

void AbsTcpAgent::output int    seqno

void AbsTcpAgent::recv Packet   pkt,

Reimplemented from Agent.

void AbsTcpAgent::send_batch  

void AbsTcpAgent::sendmsg int    pktcnt

void AbsTcpAgent::set_timer double    time [inline, protected]

void AbsTcpAgent::start  

void AbsTcpAgent::timeout  

Member Data Documentation

int AbsTcpAgent::connection_size_ [protected]

FSMState* AbsTcpAgent::current_ [protected]

int AbsTcpAgent::offset_ [protected]

int AbsTcpAgent::rescheduled_ [protected]

double AbsTcpAgent::rtt_ [protected]

int AbsTcpAgent::seqno_lb_ [protected]

AbsTcpTimer AbsTcpAgent::timer_ [protected]

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