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CorresHost Class Reference

#include <chost.h>

Inheritance diagram for CorresHost:

slink TcpFsAgent TcpAgent Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler TcpSessionAgent List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 CorresHost ()
virtual Segmentadd_pkts (int size, int seqno, int sessionSeqno, int daddr, int dport, int sport, double ts, IntTcpAgent *sender)
int clean_segs (int size, Packet *pkt, IntTcpAgent *sender, int sessionSeqno, int amt_data_acked)
int rmv_old_segs (Packet *pkt, IntTcpAgent *sender, int amt_data_acked)
void opencwnd (int size, IntTcpAgent *sender=0)
void closecwnd (int how, double ts, IntTcpAgent *sender=0)
void closecwnd (int how, IntTcpAgent *sender=0)
void adjust_ownd (int size)
int ok_to_snd (int size)
virtual void add_agent (IntTcpAgent *agent, int size, double winMult, int winInc, int ssthresh)
void del_agent (IntTcpAgent *)
void agent_tout (IntTcpAgent *)
void agent_ftout (IntTcpAgent *)
void agent_rcov (IntTcpAgent *)
void agent_frcov (IntTcpAgent *)
void quench (int how)

Protected Member Functions

void cancel ()

Protected Attributes

Islist< IntTcpAgentconns_
Islist_iter< IntTcpAgent > * connIter_
u_int nActive_
u_int nTimeout_
u_int nFastRec_
double closecwTS_
double winMult_
int winInc_
TracedDouble ownd_
TracedDouble owndCorrection_
int proxyopt_
int fixedIw_
Islist< Segmentseglist_
double lastackTS_
double wndInit_
int dontAdjustOwnd_
int dontIncrCwnd_
int rexmtSegCount_
int disableIntLossRecov_
SegmentcurArray_ [MAX_PARALLEL_CONN]
SegmentprevArray_ [MAX_PARALLEL_CONN]
Event timer_


class IntTcpAgent

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void CorresHost::add_agent IntTcpAgent   agent,
int    size,
double    winMult,
int    winInc,
int    ssthresh

Reimplemented in TcpSessionAgent.

Segment * CorresHost::add_pkts int    size,
int    seqno,
int    sessionSeqno,
int    daddr,
int    dport,
int    sport,
double    ts,
IntTcpAgent   sender

Reimplemented in TcpSessionAgent.

void CorresHost::adjust_ownd int    size

void CorresHost::agent_frcov IntTcpAgent   [inline]

void CorresHost::agent_ftout IntTcpAgent   [inline]

void CorresHost::agent_rcov IntTcpAgent   [inline]

void CorresHost::agent_tout IntTcpAgent   [inline]

void CorresHost::cancel   [inline, protected]

int CorresHost::clean_segs int    size,
Packet   pkt,
IntTcpAgent   sender,
int    sessionSeqno,
int    amt_data_acked

void CorresHost::closecwnd int    how,
IntTcpAgent   sender = 0

void CorresHost::closecwnd int    how,
double    ts,
IntTcpAgent   sender = 0

void CorresHost::del_agent IntTcpAgent   [inline]

int CorresHost::ok_to_snd int    size

void CorresHost::opencwnd int    size,
IntTcpAgent   sender = 0

void CorresHost::quench int    how

Reimplemented from TcpAgent.

int CorresHost::rmv_old_segs Packet   pkt,
IntTcpAgent   sender,
int    amt_data_acked

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class IntTcpAgent [friend]

Member Data Documentation

double CorresHost::closecwTS_ [protected]

Islist_iter<IntTcpAgent>* CorresHost::connIter_ [protected]

Islist<IntTcpAgent> CorresHost::conns_ [protected]

class IntTcpAgent* CorresHost::connWithPktBeforeFS_ [protected]

Segment* CorresHost::curArray_[MAX_PARALLEL_CONN] [protected]

int CorresHost::disableIntLossRecov_ [protected]

int CorresHost::dontAdjustOwnd_ [protected]

int CorresHost::dontIncrCwnd_ [protected]

int CorresHost::fixedIw_ [protected]

double CorresHost::lastackTS_ [protected]

u_int CorresHost::nActive_ [protected]

u_int CorresHost::nFastRec_ [protected]

u_int CorresHost::nTimeout_ [protected]

TracedDouble CorresHost::ownd_ [protected]

TracedDouble CorresHost::owndCorrection_ [protected]

Segment* CorresHost::prevArray_[MAX_PARALLEL_CONN] [protected]

int CorresHost::proxyopt_ [protected]

int CorresHost::rexmtSegCount_ [protected]

Segment* CorresHost::rtt_seg_ [protected]

Islist<Segment> CorresHost::seglist_ [protected]

Event CorresHost::timer_ [protected]

int CorresHost::winInc_ [protected]

double CorresHost::winMult_ [protected]

double CorresHost::wndInit_ [protected]

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