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DSDV_Agent Class Reference

#include <dsdv.h>

Inheritance diagram for DSDV_Agent:

Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 DSDV_Agent ()
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void lost_link (Packet *p)

Protected Member Functions

void helper_callback (Event *e)
Packetrtable (int)
virtual void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
void trace (char *fmt,...)
void tracepkt (Packet *, double, int, const char *)
void needTriggeredUpdate (rtable_ent *prte, Time t)
void cancelTriggersBefore (Time t)
PacketmakeUpdate (int &periodic)
void updateRoute (rtable_ent *old_rte, rtable_ent *new_rte)
void processUpdate (Packet *p)
void forwardPacket (Packet *p)
void startUp ()
int diff_subnet (int dst)
void sendOutBCastPkt (Packet *p)
void output_rte (const char *prefix, rtable_ent *prte, DSDV_Agent *a)

Protected Attributes

int seqno_
int myaddr_
char * subnet_
char * address
int be_random_
int use_mac_
int verbose_
int trace_wst_
double lasttup_
double next_tup
double alpha_
double wst0_
double perup_
int min_update_periods_


class DSDV_Helper
class DSDVTriggerHandler

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void DSDV_Agent::cancelTriggersBefore Time    t [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Agent.

int DSDV_Agent::diff_subnet int    dst [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::forwardPacket Packet   p [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::helper_callback Event   e [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::lost_link Packet   p

Packet * DSDV_Agent::makeUpdate int &    periodic [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::needTriggeredUpdate rtable_ent   prte,
Time    t

void DSDV_Agent::output_rte const char *    prefix,
rtable_ent   prte,
DSDV_Agent *    a

void DSDV_Agent::processUpdate Packet   p [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::recv Packet  ,
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Agent.

Packet* DSDV_Agent::rtable int    [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::sendOutBCastPkt Packet   p [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::startUp   [protected]

void DSDV_Agent::trace char *    fmt,

void DSDV_Agent::tracepkt Packet  ,
double   ,
int   ,
const char *   

void DSDV_Agent::updateRoute rtable_ent   old_rte,
rtable_ent   new_rte

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class DSDV_Helper [friend]

friend class DSDVTriggerHandler [friend]

Member Data Documentation

char* DSDV_Agent::address [protected]

double DSDV_Agent::alpha_ [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::be_random_ [protected]

DSDV_Helper* DSDV_Agent::helper_ [protected]

double DSDV_Agent::lasttup_ [protected]

PriQueue* DSDV_Agent::ll_queue [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::min_update_periods_ [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::myaddr_ [protected]

double DSDV_Agent::next_tup [protected]

MobileNode* DSDV_Agent::node_ [protected]

Event* DSDV_Agent::periodic_callback_ [protected]

double DSDV_Agent::perup_ [protected]

NsObject* DSDV_Agent::port_dmux_ [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::seqno_ [protected]

char* DSDV_Agent::subnet_ [protected]

RoutingTable* DSDV_Agent::table_ [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::trace_wst_ [protected]

Trace* DSDV_Agent::tracetarget [protected]

DSDVTriggerHandler* DSDV_Agent::trigger_handler [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::use_mac_ [protected]

int DSDV_Agent::verbose_ [protected]

double DSDV_Agent::wst0_ [protected]

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