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DiffusionProb Class Reference

#include <diff_prob.h>

Inheritance diagram for DiffusionProb:

DiffusionAgent Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 DiffusionProb ()
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)

Protected Member Functions

void Start ()
void consider_old (Packet *)
void consider_new (Packet *)
void add_outlist (unsigned int, From_List *)
void data_request_all (unsigned int dtype)
void CreateIOList (Pkt_Hash_Entry *, unsigned int)
void UpdateIOList (From_List *, unsigned int)
void Print_IOlist ()
void CalGradient (unsigned int)
void IncGradient (unsigned int, ns_addr_t)
void DecGradient (unsigned int, ns_addr_t)
void ForwardData (Packet *)
void ForwardTxFailed (Packet *)
void ReTxData (Packet *)
void GenPosReinf (unsigned int)
void FwdPosReinf (unsigned int, Packet *)
void InterfaceDown (int, ns_addr_t)
void SendInhibit (int)
void SendNegReinf ()
void InterestPropagate (Packet *pkt, Pkt_Hash_Entry *hashPtr)
void xmitFailed (Packet *pkt)

Protected Attributes

int num_neg_bcast_send
int num_neg_bcast_rcv
bool is_low_power


class InterestTimer
class EnergyTimer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void DiffusionProb::add_outlist unsigned    int,

void DiffusionProb::CalGradient unsigned    int [protected]

void DiffusionProb::consider_new Packet   [protected]

Reimplemented from DiffusionAgent.

void DiffusionProb::consider_old Packet   [protected]

Reimplemented from DiffusionAgent.

void DiffusionProb::CreateIOList Pkt_Hash_Entry  ,
unsigned    int

void DiffusionProb::data_request_all unsigned int    dtype [protected]

void DiffusionProb::DecGradient unsigned    int,

void DiffusionProb::ForwardData Packet   [protected]

void DiffusionProb::ForwardTxFailed Packet   [protected]

void DiffusionProb::FwdPosReinf unsigned    int,

void DiffusionProb::GenPosReinf unsigned    int [protected]

void DiffusionProb::IncGradient unsigned    int,

void DiffusionProb::InterestPropagate Packet   pkt,
Pkt_Hash_Entry   hashPtr

void DiffusionProb::InterfaceDown int   ,

void DiffusionProb::Print_IOlist   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from DiffusionAgent.

void DiffusionProb::recv Packet  ,

Reimplemented from DiffusionAgent.

void DiffusionProb::ReTxData Packet   [protected]

void DiffusionProb::SendInhibit int    [protected]

void DiffusionProb::SendNegReinf   [protected]

void DiffusionProb::Start   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from DiffusionAgent.

void DiffusionProb::UpdateIOList From_List  ,
unsigned    int

void DiffusionProb::xmitFailed Packet   pkt [protected]

Reimplemented from DiffusionAgent.

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class EnergyTimer [friend]

friend class InterestTimer [friend]

Member Data Documentation

EnergyTimer* DiffusionProb::energy_timer [protected]

bool DiffusionProb::is_low_power [protected]

int DiffusionProb::num_neg_bcast_rcv [protected]

int DiffusionProb::num_neg_bcast_send [protected]

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