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God Class Reference

#include <god.h>

Inheritance diagram for God:

BiConnector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 God ()
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)
void stampPacket (Packet *p)
int initialized ()
int hops (int i, int j)
int nodes ()
void getGrid (double *x, double *y, double *z)
void DumpNodeStatus ()
void DumpNumSend ()
void CountNewData (int *attr)
void IncrRecv ()
bool ExistSource ()
bool ExistSink ()
bool IsPartition ()
void StopSimulation ()
void CountConnect ()
void CountAliveNode ()
void ComputeRoute ()
int NextHop (int from, int to)
void ComputeNextHop ()
void Dump ()
bool IsReachable (int i, int j)
bool IsNeighbor (int i, int j)
void ComputeW ()
void floyd_warshall ()
void AddSink (int dt, int skid)
void AddSource (int dt, int srcid)
void Fill_for_Sink (int dt, int srcid)
void Fill_for_Source (int dt, int skid)
void Rewrite_OIF_Map ()
void UpdateNodeStatus ()
int * NextOIFs (int dt, int srcid, int curid, int *ret_num_oif)
int load_grid (int, int, int)
int getMyGrid (double x, double y)
int getMyLeftGrid (double x, double y)
int getMyRightGrid (double x, double y)
int getMyTopGrid (double x, double y)
int getMyBottomGrid (double x, double y)
int getMyGridSize ()

Static Public Member Functions

God * instance ()

Public Attributes

int data_pkt_size
int num_alive_node
int num_connect
int num_recv
int num_compute
double prev_time
int num_data_types
int ** source_table
int * sink_table
int * num_send
Data_Hash_Table dtab

Private Attributes

int num_nodes
int * min_hops
bool active
bool allowTostop
MobileNode ** mb_node
int * next_hop
int maxX
int maxY
int gridsize_
int gridX
int gridY

Static Private Attributes

God * instance_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void God::AddSink int    dt,
int    skid

void God::AddSource int    dt,
int    srcid

int God::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from BiConnector.

void God::ComputeNextHop  

void God::ComputeRoute  

void God::ComputeW  

void God::CountAliveNode  

void God::CountConnect  

void God::CountNewData int *    attr

void God::Dump  

void God::DumpNodeStatus  

void God::DumpNumSend  

bool God::ExistSink  

bool God::ExistSource  

void God::Fill_for_Sink int    dt,
int    srcid

void God::Fill_for_Source int    dt,
int    skid

void God::floyd_warshall  

void God::getGrid double   x,
double   y,
double   z

int God::getMyBottomGrid double    x,
double    y

int God::getMyGrid double    x,
double    y

int God::getMyGridSize   [inline]

int God::getMyLeftGrid double    x,
double    y

int God::getMyRightGrid double    x,
double    y

int God::getMyTopGrid double    x,
double    y

int God::hops int    i,
int    j

void God::IncrRecv  

int God::initialized   [inline]

God* God::instance   [inline, static]

bool God::IsNeighbor int    i,
int    j

bool God::IsPartition  

bool God::IsReachable int    i,
int    j

int God::load_grid int   ,
int   ,

int God::NextHop int    from,
int    to

int * God::NextOIFs int    dt,
int    srcid,
int    curid,
int *    ret_num_oif

int God::nodes   [inline]

void God::recv Packet   p,
Handler   h

Reimplemented from BiConnector.

void God::Rewrite_OIF_Map  

void God::stampPacket Packet   p

void God::StopSimulation  

void God::UpdateNodeStatus  

Member Data Documentation

bool God::active [private]

bool God::allowTostop [private]

int God::data_pkt_size

Data_Hash_Table God::dtab

int God::gridsize_ [private]

int God::gridX [private]

int God::gridY [private]

God * God::instance_ [static, private]

int God::maxX [private]

int God::maxY [private]

MobileNode** God::mb_node [private]

int* God::min_hops [private]

int* God::next_hop [private]

NodeStatus* God::node_status [private]

int God::num_alive_node

int God::num_compute

int God::num_connect

int God::num_data_types

int God::num_nodes [private]

int God::num_recv

int* God::num_send

double God::prev_time

int* God::sink_table

int** God::source_table

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