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LsRouting Class Reference

#include <ls.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 LsRouting ()
 ~LsRouting ()
bool init (LsNode *nodePtr)
void computeRoutes ()
LsEqualPathslookup (int destId)
bool sendLinkStates (bool buffer=false)
void linkStateChanged ()
void sendBufferedMessages ()
bool receiveMessage (int senderId, u_int32_t msgId)

Static Public Attributes

int msgSizes [LS_MESSAGE_TYPES]

Private Types

typedef LsList< IdMsgPtrMessageBuffer

Private Member Functions

LsMessageCentermsgctr ()
LsPaths_computeRoutes ()
bool isUp (int neighborId)
bool receiveAck (int neighborId, LsMessage *msgPtr)
bool receiveLSA (int neighborId, LsMessage *msgPtr)
bool receiveTopo (int neighborId, LsMessage *msgPtr)
void sendTopo (int neighborId)
void regenAndSend (int exception, int origin, const LsLinkStateList &lsl)
bool sendAck (int nbrId, ls_message_type_t type, int originNodeIdAcked, u_int32_t originMsgIdAcked)
void resendMessage (int neighborId, u_int32_t msgId, ls_message_type_t type)
void bufferedSend (int peerId, const LsMessage *mp)

Private Attributes

int myNodeId_
LsTopoMap linkStateDatabase_
LsMessageHistory lsaHistory_
LsMessageHistory tpmHistory_
LsRetransmissionManager ackManager_
MessageBuffer messageBuffer_


class LsRetransmissionManager

Member Typedef Documentation

typedef LsList<IdMsgPtr> LsRouting::MessageBuffer [private]

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

LsRouting::LsRouting   [inline]

LsRouting::~LsRouting   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

LsPaths* LsRouting::_computeRoutes   [private]

void LsRouting::bufferedSend int    peerId,
const LsMessage   mp
[inline, private]

void LsRouting::computeRoutes   [inline]

bool LsRouting::init LsNode   nodePtr

bool LsRouting::isUp int    neighborId [private]

void LsRouting::linkStateChanged  

LsEqualPaths* LsRouting::lookup int    destId [inline]

LsMessageCenter& LsRouting::msgctr   [inline, private]

bool LsRouting::receiveAck int    neighborId,
LsMessage   msgPtr
[inline, private]

bool LsRouting::receiveLSA int    neighborId,
LsMessage   msgPtr

bool LsRouting::receiveMessage int    senderId,
u_int32_t    msgId

bool LsRouting::receiveTopo int    neighborId,
LsMessage   msgPtr

void LsRouting::regenAndSend int    exception,
int    origin,
const LsLinkStateList   lsl

void LsRouting::resendMessage int    neighborId,
u_int32_t    msgId,
ls_message_type_t    type
[inline, private]

bool LsRouting::sendAck int    nbrId,
ls_message_type_t    type,
int    originNodeIdAcked,
u_int32_t    originMsgIdAcked

void LsRouting::sendBufferedMessages  

bool LsRouting::sendLinkStates bool    buffer = false

void LsRouting::sendTopo int    neighborId [private]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class LsRetransmissionManager [friend]

Member Data Documentation

LsRetransmissionManager LsRouting::ackManager_ [private]

LsTopoMap LsRouting::linkStateDatabase_ [private]

LsLinkStateList* LsRouting::linkStateListPtr_ [private]

LsMessageHistory LsRouting::lsaHistory_ [private]

MessageBuffer LsRouting::messageBuffer_ [private]

LsMessageCenter* LsRouting::messageCenterPtr_ [private]

int LsRouting::msgSizes[ LS_MESSAGE_TYPES ] [static]

int LsRouting::myNodeId_ [private]

LsNode* LsRouting::myNodePtr_ [private]

LsNodeIdList* LsRouting::peerIdListPtr_ [private]

LsPaths* LsRouting::routingTablePtr_ [private]

LsMessageHistory LsRouting::tpmHistory_ [private]

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