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MobileNode Class Reference

#include <mobilenode.h>

Inheritance diagram for MobileNode:

Node RNode ParentNode TclObject List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 MobileNode ()
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
double distance (MobileNode *)
double propdelay (MobileNode *)
void start (void)
void getLoc (double *x, double *y, double *z)
void getVelo (double *dx, double *dy, double *dz)
MobileNode * nextnode ()
int base_stn ()
void set_base_stn (int addr)
void dump (void)
MobileNode *& next ()
double X ()
double Y ()
double Z ()
double speed ()
double dX ()
double dY ()
double dZ ()
double destX ()
double destY ()
double radius ()
void update_position ()
void log_energy (int)
virtual void idle_energy_patch (float, float)

Public Attributes

MobileNode * nextX_
MobileNode * prevX_

Protected Member Functions

void log_movement ()
void random_direction ()
void random_speed ()
void random_destination ()
int set_destination (double x, double y, double speed)

Protected Attributes

double position_update_time_
double position_update_interval_
double X_
double Y_
double Z_
double speed_
double dX_
double dY_
double dZ_
double destX_
double destY_
MobileNode * next_
double radius_
PositionHandler pos_handle_
Event pos_intr_

Private Member Functions

int initialized ()
void random_position ()
void bound_position ()
 LIST_ENTRY (MobileNode) link_

Private Attributes

int random_motion_
int base_stn_


class PositionHandler

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

int MobileNode::base_stn   [inline]

void MobileNode::bound_position   [private]

int MobileNode::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Node.

double MobileNode::destX   [inline]

double MobileNode::destY   [inline]

double MobileNode::distance MobileNode *   

void MobileNode::dump void   

double MobileNode::dX   [inline]

double MobileNode::dY   [inline]

double MobileNode::dZ   [inline]

void MobileNode::getLoc double   x,
double   y,
double   z

void MobileNode::getVelo double   dx,
double   dy,
double   dz

void MobileNode::idle_energy_patch float   ,

int MobileNode::initialized   [inline, private]

MobileNode::LIST_ENTRY MobileNode    [private]

void MobileNode::log_energy int   

void MobileNode::log_movement   [protected]

MobileNode*& MobileNode::next   [inline]

MobileNode* MobileNode::nextnode   [inline]

Reimplemented from Node.

double MobileNode::propdelay MobileNode *   

double MobileNode::radius   [inline]

void MobileNode::random_destination   [protected]

void MobileNode::random_direction   [protected]

void MobileNode::random_position   [private]

void MobileNode::random_speed   [protected]

void MobileNode::set_base_stn int    addr [inline]

int MobileNode::set_destination double    x,
double    y,
double    speed

double MobileNode::speed   [inline]

void MobileNode::start void   

void MobileNode::update_position  

double MobileNode::X   [inline]

double MobileNode::Y   [inline]

double MobileNode::Z   [inline]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class PositionHandler [friend]

Member Data Documentation

int MobileNode::base_stn_ [private]

double MobileNode::destX_ [protected]

double MobileNode::destY_ [protected]

double MobileNode::dX_ [protected]

double MobileNode::dY_ [protected]

double MobileNode::dZ_ [protected]

Trace* MobileNode::log_target_ [private]

MobileNode* MobileNode::next_ [protected]

MobileNode* MobileNode::nextX_

PositionHandler MobileNode::pos_handle_ [protected]

Event MobileNode::pos_intr_ [protected]

double MobileNode::position_update_interval_ [protected]

double MobileNode::position_update_time_ [protected]

MobileNode* MobileNode::prevX_

double MobileNode::radius_ [protected]

int MobileNode::random_motion_ [private]

double MobileNode::speed_ [protected]

Topography* MobileNode::T_ [private]

double MobileNode::X_ [protected]

double MobileNode::Y_ [protected]

double MobileNode::Z_ [protected]

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