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QA Class Reference

#include <media-app.h>

Inheritance diagram for QA:

MediaApp Application Process TclObject List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 QA (const char *page)
virtual ~QA ()
virtual AppDataget_data (int &size, AppData *req_data=0)
void UpdateState ()
double UpdateInterval ()

Protected Member Functions

virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void stop ()
void check_availability (int layer, const MediaSegment &s)
RapAgentrap ()
double MWM (double srtt)
double rate ()
double BufNeed (double side, double slope)
int AllZero (double *arr, int len)
double TotalBuf (int n, double *buffer)
AppDataoutput (int &size, int layer)
void DumpInfo (double t, double last_t, double rate, double avgrate, double srtt)
double bufOptScen1 (int layer, int layers, double currrate, double slope, int backoffs)
double bufOptScen2 (int layer, int layers, double currrate, double slope, int backoffs)
void drain_buf (double *DrainArr, double bufToDrain, double *FinalDrainArray, double *bufAvail, int layers, double rate, double srtt)
void DrainPacket (double bufToDrain, double *FinalDrainArray, int layers, double rate, double srtt, double *FinalBuffer)
void DrainBuffers ()
void debug (const char *fmt,...)
void panic (const char *fmt,...)
void check_layers (int layer, MediaSegment &tmp)

Protected Attributes

int layer_
double playTime_
double startTime_
double buffer_ [MAX_LAYER]
double drained_ [MAX_LAYER]
double bw_ [MAX_LAYER]
int playing_ [MAX_LAYER]
int sending_ [MAX_LAYER]
double avgrate_
double rate_weight_
int poffset_
MediaSegmentList outlist_ [MAX_LAYER]
int pref_ [MAX_LAYER]
int debug_
double pref_srtt_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QA::QA const char *    page

QA::~QA   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int QA::AllZero double   arr,
int    len

double QA::BufNeed double    side,
double    slope
[inline, protected]

double QA::bufOptScen1 int    layer,
int    layers,
double    currrate,
double    slope,
int    backoffs

double QA::bufOptScen2 int    layer,
int    layers,
double    currrate,
double    slope,
int    backoffs

void QA::check_availability int    layer,
const MediaSegment   s

void QA::check_layers int    layer,
MediaSegment   tmp

int QA::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from MediaApp.

void QA::debug const char *    fmt,

void QA::drain_buf double   DrainArr,
double    bufToDrain,
double   FinalDrainArray,
double   bufAvail,
int    layers,
double    rate,
double    srtt

void QA::DrainBuffers   [protected]

void QA::DrainPacket double    bufToDrain,
double   FinalDrainArray,
int    layers,
double    rate,
double    srtt,
double   FinalBuffer

void QA::DumpInfo double    t,
double    last_t,
double    rate,
double    avgrate,
double    srtt

AppData * QA::get_data int &    size,
AppData   req_data = 0

Reimplemented from MediaApp.

double QA::MWM double    srtt [inline, protected]

AppData * QA::output int &    size,
int    layer

void QA::panic const char *    fmt,

RapAgent* QA::rap   [inline, protected]

Reimplemented from MediaApp.

double QA::rate   [inline, protected]

void QA::stop   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from MediaApp.

double QA::TotalBuf int    n,
double   buffer

double QA::UpdateInterval   [inline]

void QA::UpdateState  

Member Data Documentation

double QA::avgrate_ [protected]

double QA::buffer_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

double QA::bw_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

int QA::debug_ [protected]

double QA::drained_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

int QA::layer_ [protected]

int QA::LAYERBW_ [protected]

int QA::MAXACTIVELAYERS_ [protected]

int QA::MAXBKOFF_ [protected]

MediaSegmentList QA::outlist_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

int QA::playing_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

double QA::playTime_ [protected]

int QA::poffset_ [protected]

int QA::pref_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

double QA::pref_srtt_ [protected]

double QA::rate_weight_ [protected]

int QA::sending_[MAX_LAYER] [protected]

int QA::SMOOTHFACTOR_ [protected]

double QA::SRTTWEIGHT_ [protected]

double QA::startTime_ [protected]

QATimer* QA::updTimer_ [protected]

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