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QueueMonitor Class Reference

#include <queue-monitor.h>

Inheritance diagram for QueueMonitor:

TclObject EDQueueMonitor QueueMonitorCompat Flow FlowMon Tagger RedPDFlow TaggerTBFlow TaggerTSWFlow List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 QueueMonitor ()
int size () const
int pkts () const
int parrivals () const
int barrivals () const
int pdepartures () const
int bdepartures () const
int pdrops () const
int pmarks () const
int bdrops () const
void printRTTs ()
void printSeqnos ()
void printStats ()
virtual void in (Packet *)
virtual void out (Packet *)
virtual void drop (Packet *)
virtual void edrop (Packet *)
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)

Public Attributes

int estimate_rate_
double k_
double estRate_
double prevTime_
double startTime_

Protected Member Functions

void estimateRate (Packet *p)
void keepRTTstats (Packet *p)
void keepSeqnoStats (Packet *p)

Protected Attributes

int size_
int pkts_
int parrivals_
int barrivals_
int pdepartures_
int bdepartures_
int pdrops_
int pmarks_
int bdrops_
int keepRTTstats_
int maxRTT_
int numRTTs_
int binsPerSec_
int * RTTbins_
int keepSeqnoStats_
int maxSeqno_
int numSeqnos_
int SeqnoBinSize_
int * SeqnoBins_
int srcId_
int dstId_
Tcl_Channel channel_
Tcl_Channel channel1_
int temp_size_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

QueueMonitor::QueueMonitor   [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int QueueMonitor::barrivals   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::bdepartures   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::bdrops   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from TclObject.

Reimplemented in Tagger, FlowMon, and QueueMonitorCompat.

void QueueMonitor::drop Packet   [virtual]

Reimplemented in FlowMon, and QueueMonitorCompat.

virtual void QueueMonitor::edrop Packet   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented in FlowMon, and EDQueueMonitor.

void QueueMonitor::estimateRate Packet   p [protected]

void QueueMonitor::in Packet   [virtual]

Reimplemented in Tagger, FlowMon, and QueueMonitorCompat.

void QueueMonitor::keepRTTstats Packet   p [protected]

void QueueMonitor::keepSeqnoStats Packet   p [protected]

void QueueMonitor::out Packet   [virtual]

Reimplemented in FlowMon, and QueueMonitorCompat.

int QueueMonitor::parrivals   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::pdepartures   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::pdrops   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::pkts   const [inline]

int QueueMonitor::pmarks   const [inline]

void QueueMonitor::printRTTs  

void QueueMonitor::printSeqnos  

void QueueMonitor::printStats  

int QueueMonitor::size   const [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int QueueMonitor::barrivals_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::bdepartures_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::bdrops_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::binsPerSec_ [protected]

Integrator* QueueMonitor::bytesInt_ [protected]

Tcl_Channel QueueMonitor::channel1_ [protected]

Tcl_Channel QueueMonitor::channel_ [protected]

Reimplemented in Tagger, and FlowMon.

Samples* QueueMonitor::delaySamp_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::dstId_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::estimate_rate_

double QueueMonitor::estRate_

double QueueMonitor::k_

int QueueMonitor::keepRTTstats_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::keepSeqnoStats_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::maxRTT_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::maxSeqno_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::numRTTs_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::numSeqnos_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::parrivals_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::pdepartures_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::pdrops_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::pkts_ [protected]

Reimplemented in QueueMonitorCompat.

Integrator* QueueMonitor::pktsInt_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::pmarks_ [protected]

double QueueMonitor::prevTime_

int* QueueMonitor::RTTbins_ [protected]

int* QueueMonitor::SeqnoBins_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::SeqnoBinSize_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::size_ [protected]

int QueueMonitor::srcId_ [protected]

double QueueMonitor::startTime_

int QueueMonitor::temp_size_ [protected]

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