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RateLimitSession Class Reference

#include <rate-limit.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 RateLimitSession (AggSpec *aggSpec, double estimate, int initial, double limit, int origin, int locQid, double delay, double lowerBound, Node *node, RouteLogic *rtLogic_)
 RateLimitSession (AggSpec *aggSpec, double limit, int originID, int locQid, int remQid, int remoteID, int depth, double delay, double lowerBound, Node *node, RouteLogic *rtLogic_)
 ~RateLimitSession ()
void setSucc (RateLimitSession *session)
double log (Packet *p, int lowDemand)
double getDropRate ()
void pushbackOn ()
void refreshed ()
void setAggSpec (AggSpec *aggSpec)
void setLimit (double limit)
double getArrivalRateForStatus ()

Static Public Member Functions

RateLimitSession * merge (RateLimitSession *, RateLimitSession *, int bits)

Public Attributes

int pushbackON_
int origin_
int localQID_
int remoteQID_
int localID_
int remoteID_
double lowerBound_
int merged_
int initialPhase_
int heightInPTree_
int depthInPTree_
double startTime_
double expiryTime_
double refreshTime_
RateLimitSession * next_

Static Private Member Functions

double pick4merge (double, double, int)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

RateLimitSession::RateLimitSession AggSpec   aggSpec,
double    estimate,
int    initial,
double    limit,
int    origin,
int    locQid,
double    delay,
double    lowerBound,
Node   node,
RouteLogic   rtLogic_

RateLimitSession::RateLimitSession AggSpec   aggSpec,
double    limit,
int    originID,
int    locQid,
int    remQid,
int    remoteID,
int    depth,
double    delay,
double    lowerBound,
Node   node,
RouteLogic   rtLogic_


Member Function Documentation

double RateLimitSession::getArrivalRateForStatus  

double RateLimitSession::getDropRate  

double RateLimitSession::log Packet   p,
int    lowDemand

RateLimitSession * RateLimitSession::merge RateLimitSession *   ,
RateLimitSession *   ,
int    bits

double RateLimitSession::pick4merge double   ,
double   ,
[static, private]

void RateLimitSession::pushbackOn  

void RateLimitSession::refreshed  

void RateLimitSession::setAggSpec AggSpec   aggSpec

void RateLimitSession::setLimit double    limit

void RateLimitSession::setSucc RateLimitSession *    session [inline]

Member Data Documentation

AggSpec* RateLimitSession::aggSpec_

int RateLimitSession::depthInPTree_

double RateLimitSession::expiryTime_

int RateLimitSession::heightInPTree_

int RateLimitSession::initialPhase_

int RateLimitSession::localID_

int RateLimitSession::localQID_

LoggingDataStruct* RateLimitSession::logData_

double RateLimitSession::lowerBound_

int RateLimitSession::merged_

RateLimitSession* RateLimitSession::next_

int RateLimitSession::origin_

int RateLimitSession::pushbackON_

double RateLimitSession::refreshTime_

int RateLimitSession::remoteID_

int RateLimitSession::remoteQID_

RateLimitStrategy* RateLimitSession::rlStrategy_

double RateLimitSession::startTime_

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