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ScoreBoardRH Class Reference

#include <scoreboard-rh.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 ScoreBoardRH (int *numdupacks)
int IsEmpty ()
void ClearScoreBoard ()
int GetNextRetran ()
void MarkRetran (int retran_seqno, int snd_nxt, int rh_id)
int UpdateScoreBoard (int last_ack_, hdr_tcp *, int rh_id)
int CheckSndNxt (int sack_max)
int GetFack (int last_ack)
int GetNewHoles ()
void TimeoutScoreBoard (int snd_nxt)
int FakeSack (int last_ack, int num_dupacks)
int RetranSacked (int rh_id)
int RetranOccurred (int rh_id)

Protected Attributes

int first_
int length_
int retran_occured_
int retran_sacked_
int * numdupacks_
ScoreBoardRH::ScoreBoardNode SBSIZE

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

ScoreBoardRH::ScoreBoardRH int *    numdupacks [inline]

Member Function Documentation

int ScoreBoardRH::CheckSndNxt int    sack_max

void ScoreBoardRH::ClearScoreBoard  

int ScoreBoardRH::FakeSack int    last_ack,
int    num_dupacks

int ScoreBoardRH::GetFack int    last_ack

int ScoreBoardRH::GetNewHoles  

int ScoreBoardRH::GetNextRetran  

int ScoreBoardRH::IsEmpty   [inline]

void ScoreBoardRH::MarkRetran int    retran_seqno,
int    snd_nxt,
int    rh_id

int ScoreBoardRH::RetranOccurred int    rh_id [inline]

int ScoreBoardRH::RetranSacked int    rh_id

void ScoreBoardRH::TimeoutScoreBoard int    snd_nxt

int ScoreBoardRH::UpdateScoreBoard int    last_ack_,
hdr_tcp  ,
int    rh_id

Member Data Documentation

int ScoreBoardRH::first_ [protected]

int ScoreBoardRH::length_ [protected]

int* ScoreBoardRH::numdupacks_ [protected]

int ScoreBoardRH::retran_occured_ [protected]

int ScoreBoardRH::retran_sacked_ [protected]

struct ScoreBoardRH::ScoreBoardNode ScoreBoardRH::SBSIZE [protected]

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