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Snoop Class Reference

#include <snoop.h>

Inheritance diagram for Snoop:

NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Snoop ()
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)
void handle (Event *)
int snoop_rxmit (Packet *)
int next (int i)
int prev (int i)
int wl_next (int i)
int wl_prev (int i)

Protected Member Functions

int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void reset ()
void wlreset ()
void snoop_data (Packet *)
int snoop_ack (Packet *)
void snoop_wless_data (Packet *)
void snoop_wired_ack (Packet *)
int snoop_wlessloss (int)
double snoop_cleanbufs_ (int)
void snoop_rtt (double)
int snoop_qlong ()
int snoop_insert (Packet *)
int empty_ ()
void savepkt_ (Packet *, int, int)
void update_state_ ()
double timeout ()
void snoop_cleanup ()

Protected Attributes

int snoopDisable_
u_short fstate_
int lastSeen_
int lastAck_
int expNextAck_
short expDupacks_
double srtt_
double rttvar_
double tailTime_
int rxmitStatus_
short bufhead_
short buftail_
Packetpkts_ [SNOOP_MAXWIND]
int wl_state_
int wl_lastSeen_
int wl_lastAck_
int wl_bufhead_
int wl_buftail_
hdr_seqwlseqs_ [SNOOP_WLSEQS]
int maxbufs_
double snoopTick_
double g_
int integrate_
int lru_


class SnoopRxmitHandler
class SnoopPersistHandler

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

int Snoop::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from NsObject.

int Snoop::empty_   [inline, protected]

void Snoop::handle Event   [virtual]

Reimplemented from NsObject.

int Snoop::next int    i [inline]

int Snoop::prev int    i [inline]

void Snoop::recv Packet  ,

Implements NsObject.

void Snoop::reset   [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from NsObject.

void Snoop::savepkt_ Packet  ,
int   ,

int Snoop::snoop_ack Packet   [protected]

double Snoop::snoop_cleanbufs_ int    [protected]

void Snoop::snoop_cleanup   [protected]

void Snoop::snoop_data Packet   [protected]

int Snoop::snoop_insert Packet   [protected]

int Snoop::snoop_qlong   [protected]

void Snoop::snoop_rtt double    [protected]

int Snoop::snoop_rxmit Packet  

void Snoop::snoop_wired_ack Packet   [protected]

void Snoop::snoop_wless_data Packet   [protected]

int Snoop::snoop_wlessloss int    [protected]

double Snoop::timeout   [inline, protected]

void Snoop::update_state_   [protected]

int Snoop::wl_next int    i [inline]

int Snoop::wl_prev int    i [inline]

void Snoop::wlreset   [protected]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class SnoopPersistHandler [friend]

friend class SnoopRxmitHandler [friend]

Member Data Documentation

short Snoop::bufhead_ [protected]

short Snoop::buftail_ [protected]

Handler* Snoop::callback_ [protected]

short Snoop::expDupacks_ [protected]

int Snoop::expNextAck_ [protected]

u_short Snoop::fstate_ [protected]

double Snoop::g_ [protected]

int Snoop::integrate_ [protected]

int Snoop::lastAck_ [protected]

int Snoop::lastSeen_ [protected]

int Snoop::lru_ [protected]

int Snoop::maxbufs_ [protected]

LLSnoop* Snoop::parent_ [protected]

SnoopPersistHandler* Snoop::persistHandler_ [protected]

Packet* Snoop::pkts_[SNOOP_MAXWIND] [protected]

NsObject* Snoop::recvtarget_ [protected]

double Snoop::rttvar_ [protected]

SnoopRxmitHandler* Snoop::rxmitHandler_ [protected]

int Snoop::rxmitStatus_ [protected]

int Snoop::snoopDisable_ [protected]

double Snoop::snoopTick_ [protected]

double Snoop::srtt_ [protected]

double Snoop::tailTime_ [protected]

Event* Snoop::toutPending_ [protected]

int Snoop::wl_bufhead_ [protected]

int Snoop::wl_buftail_ [protected]

int Snoop::wl_lastAck_ [protected]

int Snoop::wl_lastSeen_ [protected]

int Snoop::wl_state_ [protected]

hdr_seq* Snoop::wlseqs_[SNOOP_WLSEQS] [protected]

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