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Tcl Class Reference

#include <tclcl.h>

List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Tcl ()
int dark () const
Tcl_Interpinterp () const
char * result () const
void result (const char *p)
void resultf (const char *fmt,...)
void CreateCommand (const char *cmd, Tcl_CmdProc *cproc, ClientData cd=0, Tcl_CmdDeleteProc *dproc=0)
void CreateCommand (Tcl_CmdProc *cproc, ClientData cd=0, Tcl_CmdDeleteProc *dproc=0)
void DeleteCommand (const char *cmd)
void EvalFile (const char *file)
char * var (const char *varname, int flags=TCL_GLOBAL_ONLY)
void eval (char *s)
void eval (const char *s)
void evalc (const char *s)
void eval ()
char * buffer ()
void evalf (const char *fmt,...)
void add_error (const char *string)
void add_errorf (const char *fmt,...)
Tk_Window_ * tkmain () const
void tkmain (struct Tk_Window_ *w)
void add_option (const char *name, const char *value)
void add_default (const char *name, const char *value)
const char * attr (const char *attr) const
const char * application () const
const char * rds (const char *a, const char *fld) const
TclObjectlookup (const char *name)
void enter (TclObject *)
void remove (TclObject *)

Static Public Member Functions

void init (const char *application)
void init (Tcl_Interp *, const char *application)
Tcl & instance ()

Private Member Functions

void error (const char *)

Private Attributes

Tk_Window_ * tkmain_
char * bp_
const char * application_
char buffer_ [4096]
Tcl_HashTable objs_

Static Private Attributes

Tcl instance_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void Tcl::add_default const char *    name,
const char *    value

void Tcl::add_error const char *    string [inline]

void Tcl::add_errorf const char *    fmt,

void Tcl::add_option const char *    name,
const char *    value

const char* Tcl::application   const [inline]

const char* Tcl::attr const char *    attr const

char* Tcl::buffer   [inline]

void Tcl::CreateCommand Tcl_CmdProc *    cproc,
ClientData    cd = 0,
Tcl_CmdDeleteProc *    dproc = 0

void Tcl::CreateCommand const char *    cmd,
Tcl_CmdProc *    cproc,
ClientData    cd = 0,
Tcl_CmdDeleteProc *    dproc = 0

int Tcl::dark   const [inline]

void Tcl::DeleteCommand const char *    cmd [inline]

void Tcl::enter TclObject  

void Tcl::error const char *    [private]

void Tcl::eval  

void Tcl::eval const char *    s [inline]

void Tcl::eval char *    s

void Tcl::evalc const char *    s

void Tcl::evalf const char *    fmt,

void Tcl::EvalFile const char *    file [inline]

void Tcl::init Tcl_Interp  ,
const char *    application

void Tcl::init const char *    application [static]

Tcl& Tcl::instance   [inline, static]

Tcl_Interp* Tcl::interp   const [inline]

TclObject * Tcl::lookup const char *    name

const char* Tcl::rds const char *    a,
const char *    fld
const [inline]

void Tcl::remove TclObject  

void Tcl::result const char *    p [inline]

char* Tcl::result   const [inline]

void Tcl::resultf const char *    fmt,

void Tcl::tkmain struct Tk_Window_ *    w [inline]

struct Tk_Window_* Tcl::tkmain   const [inline]

char* Tcl::var const char *    varname,
int    flags = TCL_GLOBAL_ONLY

Member Data Documentation

const char* Tcl::application_ [private]

char* Tcl::bp_ [private]

char Tcl::buffer_[4096] [private]

Tcl Tcl::instance_ [static, private]

Tcl_HashTable Tcl::objs_ [private]

Tcl_Interp* Tcl::tcl_ [private]

Tk_Window_* Tcl::tkmain_ [private]

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