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WebTrafPool Class Reference

#include <webtraf.h>

Inheritance diagram for WebTrafPool:

PagePool TclObject TclObject LogWebTrafPool List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 WebTrafPool ()
virtual ~WebTrafPool ()
Nodepicksrc ()
Nodepickdst ()
void doneSession (int idx)
void launchReq (Node *, void *, int, int)
void launchResp (int, Node *, Node *, Agent *, Agent *, int, void *)
int nTcp ()
int nSink ()
int isdebug ()
virtual void delay_bind_init_all ()
virtual int delay_bind_dispatch (const char *, const char *, TclObject *)
void pick_ep (TcpAgent **, Agent **)
TcpAgentpicktcp ()
TcpSinkpicksink ()
int find_server (int)

Protected Member Functions

virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
 LIST_HEAD (AgentList, AgentListElem)
void insertAgent (AgentList *l, Agent *a)
AgentdetachHead (AgentList *l)
int lookup_rv (RandomVariable *&rv, const char *name)

Protected Attributes

int nSession_
WebTrafSession ** session_
int nServer_
int nClient_
Node ** client_
int asimflag_
int nTcp_
int nSink_
int dbTcp_a
int dbTcp_r
int dbTcp_cr
AgentList tcpPool_
AgentList sinkPool_
int debug_
int fulltcp_
int recycle_page_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


WebTrafPool::~WebTrafPool   [virtual]

Member Function Documentation

int WebTrafPool::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv
[protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from PagePool.

Reimplemented in LogWebTrafPool.

int WebTrafPool::delay_bind_dispatch const char *   ,
const char *   ,

Reimplemented from TclObject.

void WebTrafPool::delay_bind_init_all   [virtual]

Reimplemented from TclObject.

Agent* WebTrafPool::detachHead AgentList   l [inline, protected]

void WebTrafPool::doneSession int    idx [inline]

int WebTrafPool::find_server int   

void WebTrafPool::insertAgent AgentList   l,
Agent   a
[inline, protected]

int WebTrafPool::isdebug   [inline]

void WebTrafPool::launchReq Node  ,
void *   ,
int   ,

void WebTrafPool::launchResp int   ,
Node  ,
Node  ,
Agent  ,
Agent  ,
int   ,
void *   

WebTrafPool::LIST_HEAD AgentList   ,

int WebTrafPool::lookup_rv RandomVariable *&    rv,
const char *    name
[inline, protected]

int WebTrafPool::nSink   [inline]

int WebTrafPool::nTcp   [inline]

void WebTrafPool::pick_ep TcpAgent **   ,
Agent **   

Node * WebTrafPool::pickdst  

TcpSink * WebTrafPool::picksink  

Node * WebTrafPool::picksrc  

TcpAgent * WebTrafPool::picktcp  

Member Data Documentation

int WebTrafPool::asimflag_ [protected]

Node** WebTrafPool::client_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::dbTcp_a [protected]

int WebTrafPool::dbTcp_cr [protected]

int WebTrafPool::dbTcp_r [protected]

int WebTrafPool::debug_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::fulltcp_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::nClient_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::nServer_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::nSession_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::nSink_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::nTcp_ [protected]

int WebTrafPool::recycle_page_ [protected]

WebServer* WebTrafPool::server_ [protected]

WebTrafSession** WebTrafPool::session_ [protected]

AgentList WebTrafPool::sinkPool_ [protected]

AgentList WebTrafPool::tcpPool_ [protected]

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