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XCPQueue Class Reference

#include <xcpq.h>

Inheritance diagram for XCPQueue:

REDQueue Queue< T > Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 XCPQueue ()
void Tq_timeout ()
void Te_timeout ()
void setupTimer ()
void routerId (XCPWrapQ *queue, int i)
int routerId (int id=-1)
int limit (int len=0)
void setBW (double bw)
void setChannel (Tcl_Channel queue_trace_file)
void config ()
void enque (Packet *pkt)
Packetdeque ()

Protected Member Functions

double now ()
double running_avg (double var_sample, double var_last_avg, double gain)
double max (double d1, double d2)
double min (double d1, double d2)
double absolute (double d)
virtual void trace_var (char *var_name, double var)
virtual void drop (Packet *pkt)
void init_vars ()
virtual void do_on_packet_arrival (Packet *pkt)
virtual void do_before_packet_departure (Packet *p)
virtual void fill_in_feedback (Packet *p)

Protected Attributes

unsigned int routerId_
double link_capacity_Kbytes_
double alpha_
double beta_
double gamma_
double Te_
double Tq_
double avg_rtt_
double xi_pos_
double xi_neg_
double BTA_
double BTF_
double Queue_Kbytes_
double input_traffic_Kbytes_
double sum_rtt_by_cwnd_
double sum_rtt_square_by_cwnd_
double running_min_queue_Kbytes_
unsigned int num_cc_packets_in_Te_
int drops_
Tcl_Channel queue_trace_file_


class XCPTimer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

double XCPQueue::absolute double    d [protected]

void XCPQueue::config  

Packet * XCPQueue::deque   [virtual]

Reimplemented from REDQueue.

void XCPQueue::do_before_packet_departure Packet   p [protected, virtual]

void XCPQueue::do_on_packet_arrival Packet   pkt [protected, virtual]

void XCPQueue::drop Packet   pkt [protected, virtual]

Reimplemented from Connector.

void XCPQueue::enque Packet   pkt [virtual]

Reimplemented from REDQueue.

void XCPQueue::fill_in_feedback Packet   p [protected, virtual]

void XCPQueue::init_vars   [protected]

int XCPQueue::limit int    len = 0

double XCPQueue::max double    d1,
double    d2

double XCPQueue::min double    d1,
double    d2

double XCPQueue::now   [protected]

int XCPQueue::routerId int    id = -1

void XCPQueue::routerId XCPWrapQ   queue,
int    i

double XCPQueue::running_avg double    var_sample,
double    var_last_avg,
double    gain

void XCPQueue::setBW double    bw

void XCPQueue::setChannel Tcl_Channel    queue_trace_file

void XCPQueue::setupTimer  

void XCPQueue::Te_timeout  

void XCPQueue::Tq_timeout  

void XCPQueue::trace_var char *    var_name,
double    var
[protected, virtual]

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class XCPTimer [friend]

Member Data Documentation

double XCPQueue::alpha_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::avg_rtt_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::beta_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::BTA_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::BTF_ [protected]

int XCPQueue::drops_ [protected]

XCPTimer* XCPQueue::estimation_control_timer_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::gamma_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::input_traffic_Kbytes_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::link_capacity_Kbytes_ [protected]

XCPWrapQ* XCPQueue::myQueue_ [protected]

unsigned int XCPQueue::num_cc_packets_in_Te_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::Queue_Kbytes_ [protected]

XCPTimer* XCPQueue::queue_timer_ [protected]

Tcl_Channel XCPQueue::queue_trace_file_ [protected]

unsigned int XCPQueue::routerId_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::running_min_queue_Kbytes_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::sum_rtt_by_cwnd_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::sum_rtt_square_by_cwnd_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::Te_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::Tq_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::xi_neg_ [protected]

double XCPQueue::xi_pos_ [protected]

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