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XCPWrapQ Class Reference

#include <xcp.h>

Inheritance diagram for XCPWrapQ:

Queue< T > Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 XCPWrapQ ()
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void recv (Packet *, Handler *)

Protected Member Functions

void deliver_to_target (Packet *p)
virtual void trace_var (char *var_name, double var)
virtual void enque (Packet *pkt)
virtual Packetdeque ()
void addQueueWeights (int queueNum, int weight)
int queueToDeque ()
int queueToEnque (int codePt)
int mark (Packet *p)
int getCodePt (Packet *p)
void setVirtualQueues ()

Protected Attributes

XCPQueue ** xcpq_
unsigned int routerId_
int qToDq_
double wrrTemp_ [MAX_QNUM]
double queueWeight_ [MAX_QNUM]
int maxVirQ_
Tcl_Channel queue_trace_file_
double effective_rtt_
double utilization_
double output_traffic_
 computed every effective_rtt

double output_link_capacity_
int trace_drops_
int drops_
int avg_drops_
double total_drops_
double total_packet_arrivals_
int trace_curq_

Constructor & Destructor Documentation


Member Function Documentation

void XCPWrapQ::addQueueWeights int    queueNum,
int    weight

int XCPWrapQ::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Connector.

void XCPWrapQ::deliver_to_target Packet   p [protected]

Packet * XCPWrapQ::deque   [protected, virtual]

Implements Queue< T >.

void XCPWrapQ::enque Packet   pkt [protected, virtual]

Implements Queue< T >.

int XCPWrapQ::getCodePt Packet   p [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::mark Packet   p [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::queueToDeque   [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::queueToEnque int    codePt [protected]

void XCPWrapQ::recv Packet  ,

Reimplemented from Queue< T >.

void XCPWrapQ::setVirtualQueues   [protected]

void XCPWrapQ::trace_var char *    var_name,
double    var
[protected, virtual]

Member Data Documentation

int XCPWrapQ::avg_drops_ [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::drops_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::effective_rtt_ [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::maxVirQ_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::output_link_capacity_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::output_traffic_ [protected]

computed every effective_rtt

int XCPWrapQ::qToDq_ [protected]

Tcl_Channel XCPWrapQ::queue_trace_file_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::queueWeight_[MAX_QNUM] [protected]

unsigned int XCPWrapQ::routerId_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::total_drops_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::total_packet_arrivals_ [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::trace_curq_ [protected]

int XCPWrapQ::trace_drops_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::utilization_ [protected]

double XCPWrapQ::wrrTemp_[MAX_QNUM] [protected]

XCPQueue** XCPWrapQ::xcpq_ [protected]

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