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imepAgent Class Reference

#include <imep.h>

Inheritance diagram for imepAgent:

Agent Connector NsObject TclObject Handler List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 imepAgent (nsaddr_t index)
void recv (Packet *p, Handler *h)
int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
void imepRegister (rtAgent *rt)
void imepGetLinkStatus (nsaddr_t index, u_int32_t &status)
void imepSetLinkInStatus (nsaddr_t index)
void imepSetLinkOutStatus (nsaddr_t index)
void imepSetLinkBiStatus (nsaddr_t index)
void imepSetLinkDownStatus (nsaddr_t index)
void imepPacketUndeliverable (Packet *p)
void imepGetBiLinks (int *&nblist, int &nbcnt)
void trace (char *fmt,...)

Public Attributes

ImepStat stats

Protected Member Functions

void Terminate ()
void handlerTimer (imepTimerType t)

Private Member Functions

void handlerBeaconTimer (void)
void handlerControlTimer (void)
void handlerReXmitTimer (void)
void handlerIncomingTimer (void)
void recv_incoming (Packet *p)
void recv_outgoing (Packet *p)
void imep_beacon_input (Packet *p)
void imep_ack_input (Packet *p)
void imep_hello_input (Packet *p)
void imep_object_input (Packet *p)
void imep_object_process (Packet *p)
void imep_ack_object (Packet *p)
void imep_input (Packet *p)
void imep_output (Packet *p)
void sendBeacon (void)
void sendHello (nsaddr_t index)
void sendAck (nsaddr_t index, u_int32_t seqno)
imepLinkfindLink (nsaddr_t index)
void purgeLink (void)
void purgeReXmitQ (nsaddr_t index)
PacketfindObjectSequence (u_int8_t seqno)
void removeObjectResponse (Packet *p, nsaddr_t index)
imep_ack_blockfindAckBlock (Packet *p)
imep_hello_blockfindHelloBlock (Packet *p)
imep_object_blockfindObjectBlock (Packet *p)
imep_responsefindResponseList (Packet *p)
void aggregateAckBlock (Packet *p)
void aggregateHelloBlock (Packet *p)
void aggregateObjectBlock (Packet *p)
void createResponseList (Packet *p)
int getResponseListSize ()
void scheduleReXmit (Packet *p)
void scheduleIncoming (Packet *p, u_int32_t s)
u_int8_t nextSequence ()
int initialized ()
void imep_dump_header (Packet *p)
void log_neighbor_list (void)
char * dumpResponseList (Packet *p)
void toraCreateHeader (Packet *p, char *dst, int length)
void toraExtractHeader (Packet *p, char *dst)
int toraHeaderLength (struct hdr_tora *t)
 LIST_HEAD (_dummy_imepLinkList, imepLink) imepLinkHead

Private Attributes

imepTimer beaconTimer
imepTimer controlTimer
imepTimer rexmitTimer
imepTimer incomingTimer
nsaddr_t ipaddr
u_int32_t controlSequence
PacketQueue ackQueue
PacketQueue helloQueue
PacketQueue objectQueue
ReXmitQ rexmitq
dstQueue incomingQ


class imepTimer

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

imepAgent::imepAgent nsaddr_t    index

Member Function Documentation

void imepAgent::aggregateAckBlock Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::aggregateHelloBlock Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::aggregateObjectBlock Packet   p [private]

int imepAgent::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from Agent.

void imepAgent::createResponseList Packet   p [private]

char * imepAgent::dumpResponseList Packet   p [private]

imep_ack_block * imepAgent::findAckBlock Packet   p [private]

imep_hello_block * imepAgent::findHelloBlock Packet   p [private]

imepLink * imepAgent::findLink nsaddr_t    index [private]

imep_object_block * imepAgent::findObjectBlock Packet   p [private]

Packet * imepAgent::findObjectSequence u_int8_t    seqno [private]

struct imep_response * imepAgent::findResponseList Packet   p [private]

int imepAgent::getResponseListSize   [private]

void imepAgent::handlerBeaconTimer void    [private]

void imepAgent::handlerControlTimer void    [private]

void imepAgent::handlerIncomingTimer void    [private]

void imepAgent::handlerReXmitTimer void    [private]

void imepAgent::handlerTimer imepTimerType    t [protected]

void imepAgent::imep_ack_input Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_ack_object Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_beacon_input Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_dump_header Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_hello_input Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_input Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_object_input Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_object_process Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imep_output Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::imepGetBiLinks int *&    nblist,
int &    nbcnt

void imepAgent::imepGetLinkStatus nsaddr_t    index,
u_int32_t   status

void imepAgent::imepPacketUndeliverable Packet   p

void imepAgent::imepRegister rtAgent   rt

void imepAgent::imepSetLinkBiStatus nsaddr_t    index

void imepAgent::imepSetLinkDownStatus nsaddr_t    index

void imepAgent::imepSetLinkInStatus nsaddr_t    index

void imepAgent::imepSetLinkOutStatus nsaddr_t    index

int imepAgent::initialized   [inline, private]

imepAgent::LIST_HEAD _dummy_imepLinkList   ,

void imepAgent::log_neighbor_list void    [private]

u_int8_t imepAgent::nextSequence   [inline, private]

void imepAgent::purgeLink void    [private]

void imepAgent::purgeReXmitQ nsaddr_t    index [private]

void imepAgent::recv Packet   p,
Handler   h

Reimplemented from Agent.

void imepAgent::recv_incoming Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::recv_outgoing Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::removeObjectResponse Packet   p,
nsaddr_t    index

void imepAgent::scheduleIncoming Packet   p,
u_int32_t    s

void imepAgent::scheduleReXmit Packet   p [private]

void imepAgent::sendAck nsaddr_t    index,
u_int32_t    seqno

void imepAgent::sendBeacon void    [private]

void imepAgent::sendHello nsaddr_t    index [private]

void imepAgent::Terminate   [protected]

void imepAgent::toraCreateHeader Packet   p,
char *    dst,
int    length

void imepAgent::toraExtractHeader Packet   p,
char *    dst

int imepAgent::toraHeaderLength struct hdr_tora   t [private]

void imepAgent::trace char *    fmt,

Friends And Related Function Documentation

friend class imepTimer [friend]

Member Data Documentation

PacketQueue imepAgent::ackQueue [private]

imepTimer imepAgent::beaconTimer [private]

u_int32_t imepAgent::controlSequence [private]

imepTimer imepAgent::controlTimer [private]

PacketQueue imepAgent::helloQueue [private]

dstQueue imepAgent::incomingQ [private]

imepTimer imepAgent::incomingTimer [private]

nsaddr_t imepAgent::ipaddr [private]

Trace* imepAgent::logtarget_ [private]

PacketQueue imepAgent::objectQueue [private]

NsObject* imepAgent::recvtarget_ [private]

ReXmitQ imepAgent::rexmitq [private]

imepTimer imepAgent::rexmitTimer [private]

rtAgent* imepAgent::rtagent_ [private]

NsObject* imepAgent::sendtarget_ [private]

ImepStat imepAgent::stats

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