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Node Struct Reference

#include <node.h>

Inheritance diagram for Node:

RNode ParentNode TclObject MobileNode SatNode List of all members.

Public Member Functions

 Node (void)
 ~Node ()
int address ()
int nodeid ()
bool exist_namchan () const
virtual int command (int argc, const char *const *argv)
virtual void namlog (const char *fmt,...)
NsObjectintf_to_target (int32_t)
void insert (struct node_head *head)
Node * nextnode ()
const struct if_head & ifhead () const
const struct linklist_head & linklisthead () const
void addNeighbor (Node *node)
void route_notify (RoutingModule *rtm)
void unreg_route_notify (RoutingModule *rtm)
void add_route (char *dst, NsObject *target)
void delete_route (char *dst, NsObject *nullagent)
void set_table_size (int nn)
void set_table_size (int level, int csize)
EnergyModelenergy_model ()
Locationlocation ()
 Node (void)
void Update (void)
void UpdateNeighbors (void)
void Dump (void)
 Node (nodeid_t id)
 Node (const Node &n)
virtual ~Node ()
virtual const NodeWeight_t NextAdj (const NodeWeight_t &)
virtual void AddAdj (nodeid_t a, int w=1)
virtual NixPair_t GetNix (nodeid_t)

Static Public Member Functions

Node * get_node_by_address (nsaddr_t)

Public Attributes

double time_arrival
double time_transition
int route_changes
int link_changes
EdgeVec_t m_Adj

Static Public Attributes

node_head nodehead_

Protected Member Functions

 LIST_ENTRY (Node) entry
void namdump ()

Protected Attributes

int address_
int nodeid_
Tcl_Channel namChan_
if_head ifhead_
linklist_head linklisthead_

Static Protected Attributes

char nwrk_ [NODE_NAMLOG_BUFSZ]

Private Member Functions

void RandomPosition (void)
void RandomDestination (void)
void RandomSpeed (void)
 LIST_HEAD (traj, setdest) traj

Private Attributes

u_int32_t index
u_int32_t first_trip
vector position
vector destination
vector direction
double speed
double time_update

Static Private Attributes

u_int32_t NodeIndex = 0


void ReadInMovementPattern (void)

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Node::Node void   


Node::Node void   

Node::Node nodeid_t    id [inline]

Node::Node const Node &    n [inline]

virtual Node::~Node   [inline, virtual]

Member Function Documentation

void Node::add_route char *    dst,
NsObject   target

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

virtual void Node::AddAdj nodeid_t    a,
int    w = 1

Reimplemented from RNode.

void Node::addNeighbor Node *    node

int Node::address   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

int Node::command int    argc,
const char *const *    argv

Reimplemented from TclObject.

Reimplemented in MobileNode, and SatNode.

void Node::delete_route char *    dst,
NsObject   nullagent

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

void Node::Dump void   

EnergyModel* Node::energy_model   [inline]

bool Node::exist_namchan   const [inline]

Node * Node::get_node_by_address nsaddr_t    [static]

virtual NixPair_t Node::GetNix nodeid_t    [virtual]

Reimplemented from RNode.

const struct if_head& Node::ifhead   const [inline]

void Node::insert struct node_head *    head [inline]

NsObject * Node::intf_to_target int32_t   

const struct linklist_head& Node::linklisthead   const [inline]

Node::LIST_ENTRY Node    [protected]

Node::LIST_HEAD traj   ,

Location* Node::location   [inline]

void Node::namdump   [protected]

void Node::namlog const char *    fmt,

virtual const NodeWeight_t Node::NextAdj const NodeWeight_t   [virtual]

Reimplemented from RNode.

Node* Node::nextnode   [inline]

Reimplemented in MobileNode.

int Node::nodeid   [inline, virtual]

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

void Node::RandomDestination void    [private]

void Node::RandomPosition void    [private]

void Node::RandomSpeed void    [private]

void Node::route_notify RoutingModule   rtm

void Node::set_table_size int    level,
int    csize

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

void Node::set_table_size int    nn [virtual]

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

void Node::unreg_route_notify RoutingModule   rtm

void Node::Update void   

void Node::UpdateNeighbors void   

Friends And Related Function Documentation

void ReadInMovementPattern void    [friend]

Member Data Documentation

int Node::address_ [protected]

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

vector Node::destination [private]

vector Node::direction [private]

EnergyModel* Node::energy_model_ [protected]

u_int32_t Node::first_trip [private]

struct if_head Node::ifhead_ [protected]

u_int32_t Node::index [private]

int Node::link_changes

struct linklist_head Node::linklisthead_ [protected]

Location* Node::location_ [protected]

EdgeVec_t Node::m_Adj

Tcl_Channel Node::namChan_ [protected]

Neighbor* Node::neighbor

neighbor_list_node* Node::neighbor_list_

struct node_head Node::nodehead_ [static]

int Node::nodeid_ [protected]

Reimplemented from ParentNode.

u_int32_t Node::NodeIndex = 0 [static, private]

char Node::nwrk_ [static, protected]

vector Node::position [private]

int Node::route_changes

RoutingModule* Node::rtnotif_ [protected]

double Node::speed [private]

double Node::time_arrival

double Node::time_transition

double Node::time_update [private]

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