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hdr_cmn Struct Reference

#include <packet.h>

List of all members.

Public Types

enum  dir_t { DOWN = -1, NONE = 0, UP = 1 }

Public Member Functions

doubletxtime ()
packet_tptype ()
int & size ()
int & uid ()
int & error ()
int & errbitcnt ()
int & fecsize ()
doubletimestamp ()
int & iface ()
dir_tdirection ()
nsaddr_tnext_hop ()
int & addr_type ()
int & num_forwards ()
int & opt_num_forwards ()

Static Public Member Functions

int & offset ()
hdr_cmn * access (const Packet *p)

Public Attributes

packet_t ptype_
int size_
int uid_
int error_
int errbitcnt_
int fecsize_
double ts_
int iface_
dir_t direction_
char src_rt_valid
double ts_arr_
nsaddr_t prev_hop_
nsaddr_t next_hop_
int addr_type_
nsaddr_t last_hop_
FailureCallback xmit_failure_
void * xmit_failure_data_
int xmit_reason_
int num_forwards_
int opt_num_forwards_
double txtime_

Static Public Attributes

int offset_

Member Enumeration Documentation

enum hdr_cmn::dir_t

Enumeration values:

Member Function Documentation

hdr_cmn* hdr_cmn::access const Packet   p [inline, static]

int& hdr_cmn::addr_type   [inline]

dir_t& hdr_cmn::direction   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::errbitcnt   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::error   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::fecsize   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::iface   [inline]

nsaddr_t& hdr_cmn::next_hop   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::num_forwards   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::offset   [inline, static]

int& hdr_cmn::opt_num_forwards   [inline]

packet_t& hdr_cmn::ptype   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::size   [inline]

double& hdr_cmn::timestamp   [inline]

double& hdr_cmn::txtime   [inline]

int& hdr_cmn::uid   [inline]

Member Data Documentation

int hdr_cmn::addr_type_

dir_t hdr_cmn::direction_

int hdr_cmn::errbitcnt_

int hdr_cmn::error_

int hdr_cmn::fecsize_

int hdr_cmn::iface_

nsaddr_t hdr_cmn::last_hop_

nsaddr_t hdr_cmn::next_hop_

int hdr_cmn::num_forwards_

int hdr_cmn::offset_ [static]

int hdr_cmn::opt_num_forwards_

nsaddr_t hdr_cmn::prev_hop_

packet_t hdr_cmn::ptype_

int hdr_cmn::size_

char hdr_cmn::src_rt_valid

double hdr_cmn::ts_

double hdr_cmn::ts_arr_

double hdr_cmn::txtime_

int hdr_cmn::uid_

FailureCallback hdr_cmn::xmit_failure_

void* hdr_cmn::xmit_failure_data_

int hdr_cmn::xmit_reason_

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