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Research Project:
Virtual InterNetwork Testbed (VINT):


This proposal suggests the development of innovative methods and tools to address the scale and heterogeneity of the Internet protocols. We will focus on what we consider to be the key challenges: scaling and protocol interaction issues in integrated services internets. While the long-term objective of a scalable, multiprotocol, composable virtual internet testbed is very ambitious, we propose the following areas for the focus of our work: detailed simulator, session-level simulator, visualization front-end, and libraries.


Fiscal '96 Accomplishments

New Start.

FY-97 Plans

  1. Development and release of phase 1 VINT detailed-simulator including network protocol modules, traffic and topology libraries, and the simulation core based on LBNL's ns. [currently both ns version 1 and ns version 2, are available].
  2. Development of a prototype session level simulator with common interfaces, protocol modules, and a network protocol description interface.
  3. Phase 1 Visualization tools for both detailed and session level simulators.

Technology Transition

We will promote the use of VINT through the following activities: Research community: demonstrate VINT to Sigcomm and Infocom communities through publications, advertisement of tool availability, and conducting of network-based teleconferences to demonstrate capabilities and obtain early feedback from users and potential users. Investigate initiation of VINT related IRTF research group. Promote VINT simulations as community standard for comparisons in published work.

Vendors and large users (e.g. private networks and service providers): illustrate utility of techniques through application of VINT to problem areas in the community. Build modules corresponding to active design and standardization discussions. (IETF, ATM forum, Nanog).

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Date Prepared: September 20, 1996