Matt Binkley



As project communications assistant for ISI’s Internet & Networked Systems (I&NS) division, Matt Binkley is involved in various outreach and communication activities. He is part of ISI’s award-winning cyber DETER (DEfense Technology Experimental Research) testbed project team, working closely with its technical director to promote the project’s core public relations activities: DETER in cybersecurity research and education, and DETER Technology build-out (testbed toolkits) and partnering (experimentation ecosystems). He also serves as executive assistant to the I&NS division, providing support to its director and several senior computer scientists.

Prior to joining ISI in 2012, Binkley worked for employee-owned systems planning and analysis research company SPARTA, Inc. (later Cobham Analytic Solutions) as a financial analyst and co-office manager. His history in the network security sector goes back to his employment at well-known anti-virus company McAfee, Inc., where he was part of its unique 125-person advanced research organization (NAI Labs / Network Associates Laboratories / McAfee Research). Before working with security and networking professionals, Matt was in the financial industry for close to seven years at one of America’s largest banks. There he had an array of experiences ranging from finance to banking technology to quality assurance management.