Daniel Garijo

Abstract, Link, Publish, Exploit: An End to End Framework for Workflow Sharing

TitleAbstract, Link, Publish, Exploit: An End to End Framework for Workflow Sharing
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2017
AuthorsD. Garijo, Y. Gil, and O. Corcho
JournalFuture Generation Computer Systems

Scientific workflows are increasingly used to manage and share scientific computations and methods to analyze data. A variety of systems have been developed that store the workflows executed and make them part of public repositories. However, workflows are published in the idiosyncratic format of the workflow system used for the creation and execution of the workflows. Browsing, linking and using the stored workflows and their results often becomes a challenge for scientists who may only be familiar with one system. In this paper we present an approach for addressing this issue by publishing and exploiting workflows as data on the Web, with a representation that is independent from the workflow system used to create them. In order to achieve our goal, we follow the Linked Data Principles to publish workflow inputs, intermediate results, outputs and codes; and we reuse and extend well established standards like W3C PROV. We illustrate our approach by publishing workflows and consuming them with different tools designed to address common scenarios for workflow exploitation.