Daniel Garijo

OntoSoft: Capturing Scientific Software Metadata

TitleOntoSoft: Capturing Scientific Software Metadata
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2015
AuthorsY. Gil, V. Ratnakar, and D. Garijo
JournalProceedings of the 8th International Conference on Knowledge Capture

This paper presents OntoSoft, an ontology to describe metadata for scientific software. The ontology is designed considering how scientists would approach the reuse and sharing of software. This includes supporting a scientist to: 1) identify software, 2) understand and assess software, 3) execute software, 4) get support for the software, 5) do research with the software, and 6) update the software. The ontology is available in OWL and contains more than fifty terms. We are using OntoSoft to structure a software registry for geosciences, and to develop user interfaces to capture its metadata.