Daniel Garijo

OntoSoft: A Distributed Semantic Registry for Scientific Software

TitleOntoSoft: A Distributed Semantic Registry for Scientific Software
Publication TypeConference Paper
Year of Publication2016
AuthorsY. Gil, D. Garijo, S. Mishra, and V. Ratnakar
Conference NameIn Proceedings of the Twelfth IEEE Conference on eScience

— OntoSoft is a distributed semantic registry for scientific software. This paper describes three major novel contributions of OntoSoft: 1) a software metadata registry designed for scientists, 2) a distributed approach to software registries that targets communities of interest, and 3) metadata crowdsourcing through access control. Software metadata is organized using the OntoSoft ontology along six dimensions that matter to scientists: identify software, understand and assess software, execute software, get support for the software, do research with the software, and update the software. OntoSoft is a distributed registry where each site is owned and maintained by a community of interest, with a distributed semantic query capability that allows users to search across all sites. The registry has metadata crowdsourcing capabilities, supported through access control so that software authors can allow others to expand on specific metadata properties.